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between Greta and Everton


The town developed at the crossing place on King River.

In 1862 the Oxley Road Board was formed to make the roads and bridges. Bridges were a major priority. The King and Oxley Rivers had to be crossed but even floods caused major problems in the area. The roads were almost impassable in winter; particulaly to bullock drays and horse drawn coaches.

The police station was opened in 1866

Representatives from Oxley attended a major meeting to plan for the coming of the railways (Argus15/7/67)

In 1870 a school was opened half way between Milawa and Oxley.

The slab Methodist Church was one of the earliest churches in the area. The Presbyterian Church building was started in 1866 and St Pauls Anglican church in 1873



Importance of Oxley

Oxley became the administrative centre from 1866.

The area was popular with selectors (Argus8/10/66)

Andrew Byrne was the President of the Oxley Shire Council (OMA4/5/1879)

What was Oxley like in the late 1870s

With the discovery of gold Oxley developed with blacksmiths, hotels, schools, shops a police station. Oxley was on the route to Beechworth (via Everton and Greta) and the Buckland River in the north and Melbourne (via Winton) in the south.

The town had lots of social events such as race meetings, picnics, ploughing matches and church dances

See the cricket score (OMA13/2/1879)

Oxley's swamp could be a real problem (Argus24/11/68)

Facilities at Oxley in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Dunlop's, Oxley Hotel,

Exchange Hotel,

Moores Hotel

The Headquaters,

Bourkes Churches Methodist, Presbyterian, Anglican Schools Oxley school formed in 1861

James Wallace was the school teacher in the 1870s.

'Bank Bank of Victoria at Oxley Bridge Main Streets Oxley was the headquarters of the shire of Oxley Local Government Police Station ' Telegraph Office

Post Office

Postal delivery route between Wangaratta and Milawa, via Oxley Other things of interest Bank holiday, 23/1/79 (Argus22/1/79)

Oxley Coursing Club (OMA5/6/1880)

Oxley Cricket Team

Pound Keeper, George William Kennedy 1876

Chinese wheelwright (Argus9/6/80)

Cemetry - Trustees

Frederick Warren

James Reid

Charley Murdock

Links to the KellyGang

Ned Kelly's grandfather James Quinn is buried in the Oxley cemetery

Const Flood was stationed at Oxley after he left Greta. (RC12594) See also the Jerilderie Letter

According to Ned Kelly in the Cameron letter Ned met James Whitty at the races in Oxley in 1877 and discussed the thief of a bull.

On the night of Sunday 27/10/1878 the KellyGang was seen passing through town after the Mansfield Murders. They had been home that day.

Early in the 2nd week of November 1878 Det Ward passed through Oxley and made contact with a possible agent (RC13840)

In June 1879 Const R Alexander was ordered on transfer to Milawa; while there he assisted in guarding Oxley bank and regular police duty (RC13082)

There were reports that the KellyGang had decided in mid August 1879 that they would not try the Oxley bank as there is too many police there- two troopers every morning when the bank opens; and another drawback, the ground is too soft. (RC14791)

On about 28/9/1879 the KellyGang and Tom Lloyd were cited near Oxley by the police spy Foote. Nicolson decided to do nothing about the report (RC64)

Ned Kelly was see at the Oxley coursing matches at Easter 1880. He was seen sitting on a fence. (Argus7/8/80)

The police received information in 1880 that the KellyGang were going to take Oxley bank, but we afterwards heard that, on account of their seeing three policemen there in the morning when the bank opened, they thought it would not be worth while for the amount of money they would get there. (RC13855)

Insp Montfort recommended that a foot constable be appointed at Oxley in 1881 (RC10993)

Members of the Oxley community

Councillors R Wood and D Evans (Argus15/7/67)

The Oxley cricket team included William Allen, William McAliece, A and J Hume, G Heney, W J Whitehall, C W Lloyd, M Reid, H Fisher, C McKenzie, J Gardner, and R Gray. (OMA13/2/1879)

William Allen Hon Sec Oxley Coursing Club (OMA5/6/1880)

William Moore, F Heach and D McCallum impounded a large number of horses in 1876

What happened at Oxley after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Oxley today

For most people Oxley is now a loverly little town that they pass through on the way between the Hume Highway and the gourmet food area around Milawa.