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The wool exhibition at Messers Hastings, Cunningham, and Co’s warehouse was a great success. There were a great number of exhibits of splendid quality. The principal prize takers were Gibson and Son of Tasmania, Sir Samuel Wilson, T F Cumming, Phillip Russell, J L Currie and Rutledge Bros.

Dentistry Mr De Saxe, surgeon dentist, will be in Beechworth on the 18th inst., when he may be consulted at Mr Gammon’s chemist shop.

Swimming Races . A series of swimming races are advertised to come off in the Beechworth baths, on Saturday, 22nd inst., when no fewer than thirteen events will be contested, and a number of valuable prizes given. The programme, which is well drawn out, includes races at distances ranging from 60 yards to a quarter of a mile, best header, longest dive, and diving for objects. The chief event is the Bath Handicap, three heats, 60 yards, 120 yards, and 240 yards, the first prize of which is a silver cup presented by several gentlemen. All entries must be made with Mr J Morrison, the bath keeper, who will act as starter and handicapper, before 6 o’clock om Monday evening, 17 th inst. The whole affair will be under the management of a committee, consisting of Messers Gammon, Alderdice, and Brett, and we expect there will be no lack of entries.

Omeo Shire Council

This body met last week, there being present The Present (Mr Hodgson), and Crs King, Selk; Rodgers, and Tait.

Messrs Gray and Missley were granted permission to move on a road near the latter’s residence.

Memorials from residents of Ramrod Creek, praying to be separated from the Shire of Bairnsdale; and from ratepayers of Omeo Plains praying to get a reservation of land, near the lake, were left over until next March meeting. It was decided to hold a special meeting for the 15 th inst., to receive tenders for mending the Bright road.

Accounts were passed as under:- W Johnstone £5; H Foster £6 6s 6d, Secretary £13; Valuer £11 5s; Heath Officer £5; Selk and Co £2 6d; Arnold and Jackson £12 3s; Day Work List £6 12s, The President, Cr Selk, and the Supervisor were appointed to visit the Tumbo crossing and meet the Bairnsdale Committee.


(From our own Corresponent).

February 12

A mob of store cattle, belonging to Mr Thomas Robinson, of Myrtle Creek station numbering 150 head, in charge of the manager (Mr Brice), passed Milawa today about 11 o’clock en route for the Campaspie, near Bendigo. The drovers were well wet through, as they were travelling during the whole time that the rain continued.

The rain passed away about noon, and a good cool wind from the south-west set in, which lowered the high temperature that had prevailed so long. Trees and birds, and men and women and children, seem to have regained a new vitality. The stock kick up their heels, and paw the ground, and chase each other in mulckry of racing round the paddocks. The birds dress their plumage, and flit through the air as if rejoicing in the bath they have had, and the cooling consequent thereon. The human family stand in the verandahs and inhale the cool breeze, and then the male portion retire to the bars and enjoy refreshing drinks, to their own delectation, and to the pecuniary advantage of the publicans. The vegetable kingdom, having had its face washed, looks all the better therefore.

I have just heard from the Hedi Upper King that the rain was most welcome to the settlers in those elevated regions; and that the spread of the bush fires had been stopped; and the anxiety of the selectors for their fences, grasses and homesteads had been allaved.

Cricket I am glad that the Milawa cricketers are once again to the fore. A match is to be played on the Oxley cricket ground on Saturday, the 15th inst., between the Whorouly and Oxley clubs. I fancy the Whorouly men will win as they have had some practice; while the Oxley team has had none. The following are the players from which the Oxley team is likely to be selected: - Messrs William Allen, William McAliece, A and J Hume, G Heney, W J Whitehall, C W Lloyd, M Reid, H Fisher, C McKenzie, J Gardner, and R Gray. I have not been furnished with the names of the probable players of the Whorouly team, but it will probably include Barkers (3), Waltern, Winaibenbe, Fisher Milne; - .. .. whose names I am not samiliar with as .. from the Whorgouly and ..


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Other news

Some stories are spread over a number of days and need to be put together.

A group of residents who live up on the high country were not happy with the Bairnsdale Council and prayed to the Omeo Council to get them to move the council border. The Omeo Council finally decided to accept a memorial from the residents to move the border and at that stage the Bairnsdale Council demanded a meeting.

The two councils agreed on a spot on the mountain road that joined them and appointed councillors to attend the meeting. Both delegations arrived at the pre agreed spot but could not see the other delegation.

The original residents were concerned that their prayer was not being answered and approached their member of Parliament for his assistance. He contacted the Chief Secretary who suggested to the two councils that they should share the cost of getting a surveyor to determine the precise location of the spot on the mountain road where the meeting should have taken place.

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