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Mitta Mitta in the north and Ensay in the south



Gold was discovered and mining reached a peak in 1860.

Importance of Omeo

Omeo was a gold and cattle town

What was Omeo like in the late 1870s

When Insp Montifort went to Wangaratta in 1862, the great trouble the police had then was with the Omeo mob of horse-stealers. They used to come across to Wangaratta, steal horses, go to Omeo and plant them in the ranges, and alter the brands, and then sell them in Melbourne or in New South Wales. There was still the same complaint in the 70s and 80s (RC3551)

Trip from Omeo to Beechworth (Argus27/11/75)



Facilities in Omeo in the late 1870s

Population Hotels Churches Wesleyan Church, opened in 1870,

Roman Catholic Church (1874) Schools state school (1866) Bank ? Main Streets courthouse (1865)

See (OMA13/2/1879) Local Government' Police Station ' Telegraph Office

Post Office

There was a mail route from Reedy Creek to Omeo Other things of interest

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Omeo was the place where stolen stock was taken to (RC3247)

Insp Montfort thought Omeo should be protected against the KellyGang as much as the other place. (RC3550)

Cattle sale in town (OMA18/1/79)

Members of the Omeo community

What happened at Omeo after the time of the Kelly Gang

What is happening at Omeo today

see also [1] This site has very information about the gold mining methods used and about the Chinese miners