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The Royal Commission evidence for 23/3/1881

(full text transcription)

(see also introduction to day 1 ) Captain Standish giving evidence

112 And outside the city of Melbourne whose district comes in?- Many of the suburbs are in the metropolitan police.

113 From North Melbourne, in that district called the North Eastern, what superintendent is in charge of the portion between the Melbourne district north easterly towards the North Eastern district?- That is what is called the Bourke district. Mr. Hare is in charge.

114 Then Mr. Hare joins on to the Benalla district?- Yes, and the North Eastern district.

115 Who is the officer in charge of the North Eastern district?- Mr. Sadleir.

116 Was he there at the time of the Murders?- Yes.

117 Is he there now?- Yes.

118 Who are his inspectors?- Sub-Inspector Baber at Benalla, and Sub-Inspector Pewtress at Mansfield.

119 Taking the North Eastern line, and commencing at Melbourne, what station does Mr. Hare's district stop at?- Avenel.

120 What is the next station?- Euroa.

121 Is that the station the bank was robbed at. Do you mean us to understand that the banks along the line were notified up to the boundary of Mr. Hare's district?- I was informed that some of the banks in the North Eastern district were likely to be stuck up.

122 I understood you to say that the banks in the district in which Mr. Nicolson was there not so informed. Is that correct?- I believe they were not.

123 And then at Avenel Mr. Hare's district terminates?- Yes.

124 And Mr. Sadleir's commences?- Yes.

125 Mr. Nicolson took charge of Mr. Sadleir's district, under your instructions, after the murders ?- He had charge of the Kelly pursuit party.

126 In that district?- In that district.

127 Those are the two districts in which all these matters occurred?- Yes.

128 Did anything in connection with the Kellys that you have told the Board of in your evidence occur out of the North Eastern district-were Euroa Mansfield, Greta, and Glenrowan in the North Eastern district?- Yes.

129 Would Wodonga be in it?- Yes.

130 Did you mean to say in your evidence that Mr. Nicolson went to Albury or Wodonga?- Albury.

131 That is out of the colony?- Yes.

132 In the sub districts where the inspectors are you mentioned Mr. Pewtress, where does his district go to?- From the Broken River north to Wood's Point south.

133 Where is Mr. Baber's district?- He has no sub district, he is stationed at Benalla.

134 Was there an officer at Beechworth at the time?- Mr. Brook Smith.

135 And all those outrages have been committed in the North Eastern district-the murder of Sherritt, the Glenrowan affair, the murders at Wombat, and the robbery at the Bank, have all occurred in the North Eastern district?- Yes.

136 What was the strength of the district at the time of the murders, the number of the men?- I really cannot tell.

137 How many men was it increased by?- Well I think about a hundred or a little over; a hundred and twenty men at one time.

138 Do you know the distance from the Wombat where the murders were committed, known as Stringybark Creek, to the place where the murderers were brought to justice, burnt, and shot?- Glenrowan-I can put my finger on the map, but cannot tell the distance.

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