Broken River

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The Country around the Broken River

Head waters

Down Stream

What was Broken River like in the late 1870's

Near flood (Argus16/10/79)

Railway bridge (Argus20/11/73) Map


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Broken River Police Station

There was a police station on the Broken River between Mansfield and Benalla. Just north of Mansfield (RC473)

Kennedy at the Broken River police station in the early 1870s. (RC12601)

Const Meehan was also based at Broken River police station (RC17649)

The Broken River Hotel was owned by a man named Wallace. (BWC)

Insp Brook Smith a search party that travelled between Merriang, across the Buffalo, over Black Hill, and down through the King River. They were at the Buffalo on 28/10/1878. (RC17372) (Date must be wrong (RC17374))

It was under Const Irwin, for the express purpose of searching the country-the Strathbogie country-and back from there to the road from Mansfield to Longwood. (RC473)

Search party to Broken River area after Euroa robbery (Argus14/12/78)

Towns Settlements and Properties in the area

Lower Moira


How has the Broken River area changed

What happened in the area of Broken River after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at the area of Broken River today