The Argus at KellyGang 2/5/1878

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The assizes commenced to-day before the Chief Justice, Mr Chomles prosecuting for the Crown. Great interest was taken in the Baumgarten horsestealing cases William Quin, for an unnatural offence at Wangaratta, was found guilty of an attempt and remanded for sentence

Edward J Harvey, charged with forgery at Euros, was found not guilty, the judge directing an acquittal.

Wm. Baumgarten Gustav Baumgarten, Wm. Cooke, John Studders, and Samuel Kennedy were charged with stealing eight horses, the property of James Whitty, Hugh Jeffrey, J Farrell, at Moyhu.

Mr Bowman appealed for Studders,

Mr Brown for Kennedy,

Mr Purves for G Baumgarten, and

Mr O'Leary for W Baumgarten.

The case for the prosecution has concluded. The case is an important one, as bearing on a number of horse-stealing cases in the district, and is likely to last till tomorrow. There are seven more criminal cases and five civil ones for disposal. 

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