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On the flood plains on the River Murray west of Wodonga

Nearest towns

History at Bungowannah before the KellyGang

Bungowannah is on the Murray Flats, on the River Murray and west of Wodonga. It was the site of punt across the River Murray

The original aboriginal owners

The First Squatters

The first selectors



What was Bungowannah like in the late 1870's

Mr Dight owned the run in 1870 (T&C26/3/1870)

O'Keefe was the puntman (Argus2/11/78)

Links to the KellyGang

Sgt Steele told the Royal Commission that Greta lost more horses than most other places, 'there were more horses stolen from there than any other part of the district. They would take large mobs, sometimes fourteen or fifteen plough horses from farmers. I think from Mr. Whitty there was that number taken one night; and Ned Kelly, when he got over in the neighborhood of Bungowanna, New South Wales, was not known there, and they imagined it was some person travelling with horses for sale or for the market' (RC8855)

The KellyGang made the Murray Flats on the evening of Tuesday 29/10/1878 and morning of Wednesday. They were on there way to Howlong in New South Wales after the Stringy Bark Creek Murders. They tried to cross the River Murray but it was in flood. The punt at Bungowannah was under water and it could not go any where.(RC1865)(Argus31/10/1878) (CHC) (Argus2/11/1878)

The Baumgartens and Neil Christian lived at Bungowannah

George Munger and the Margery brothers lived near Baungowannah. (Argus2/11/78)

Rivers Creeks and Hills near Bungowannah

Bungowannah is on the River Murray

What happened at Bungowannah after the time of the KellyGang

What is happening at Bungowannah today