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Side of Authority
This page contains content from police and those who supported authority.

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The court house was.

Importance of the Benalla Court House

Many of key people covered by this web site passed through the court

What was the Benalla Court Court House like in the late 1870s

It was a significant part of the town and housed sittings of the magistrates court, coronial inquests, criminal trials Map


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On 26/10/1869 Ned Kelly was charged with assault and robbery - discharged

In 1870 Mrs Kelly took Bill Frost to court for maintenance for their daughter. The Magistrate, Mr Butler, found Bill to be the father and ordered him to pay me 5/- shillings per week for two years and £7 2/- shillings in costs. Bill was also ordered to put up 2 securities of £20 each to make sure that Mrs Kelly got paid.

Alfred Wyatt PM, police magistrate, was based at Benalla (RC2121)

Ned Kelly was taken to the court house on 18 September 1877 and found guilty of being drunk and disorderly and resisting arrest

In September 1877 Jack and Tom Lloyd and Dan Kelly got into trouble in Winton after a prank.They hid on the Kelly property for a few weeks. Eventually they gave themselves up and they were charged with wilfully damaging the property of David Goodman, a hawker who owned a shop in Winton. On 19 October 1877 the matter was dealt with by Mr Butler, P.M. who found them guilty.

On 25/4/1878 Sup Chomley conducted the committal against Mrs Kelly, William Skillion and William Williamson in the court in Benalla following the Fitzpatrick incident. They were sent for trial at Beechworth.

The first of the sympathisers who were arrested under the Outlawry Act were brought before Roberston JP for remand to Beechworth (Argus6/1/79)

What is happening at the Benalla Court House today