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Importance of Messers David Casement, Henry Dudley, Tennant & Robert McDougall

They were arrested by the KellyGang at Faithfull's Creek

Who were these gentlemen Casement (Casey) owned property on the other side and line from Faithfull's Creek Honey Suckle? (Argus12/12/78)

Henry S Dudley was a government printing ledger maker

Robert McDougall was a government book binder (Herald10/8/1880)(Argus11/8/80) (Age11/8/1880)


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Euroa Robbery 10/12/1878 I, Mr Casement, had been out on a kangaroo shooting trip in the Strathbogie Ranges with one of my neighbours and our two city friends. Tenanat was on horseback and the others were travelling with me in the spring-cart. On our way home we intended to drop into see McCauley at Faithfull's Creek. As we neared the gate 2 men approached us, one on horseback and the other on foot. Both of them held up handcuffs in their left hands and carried guns in their right.

They called out 'Bail up'. 'Surrender or you'll be shot'. Henry Dudley who was driving answered , 'What right have you to arrest me?' He thought that they were troopers and kept going. Mounted men rode up to the cart and presented his revolver at Dudley's head, shouted, 'I'll shoot you dead on the spot if you give me any cheek.' He accused us of stealing the vehicle and leaving his companion to guard us, went over to Tennant who had reached the gate, and took hold of his horse's bridle. Tennant called out to him to let go, to which the stranger replied by ordering him to dismount and tightening his grip on the bridle and saying, 'Bail up! I am Ned Kelly. My friend Tennant said, 'Mind what you are about or it will be worse for you,' Ned Kelly replied, 'Good God! Will you get down. I am Ned Kelly, and if you won't I will blow your brains out.'

Tennant then dismounted and said, 'Oh, if that's the case, lets load our guns,' at the same time making for our cart. He jumped into it with us with the intention of doing as he said.

Ned Kelly was evidently losing his temper, and again said, 'Good God, won't you come out of the cart?' Some other angry words passed between Kelly and us and at last Kelly, in a paroxysm of passion, threw his rifle on the ground, and, clenching his fists, said 'Come and have it out with me fairly. That is the fist of Ned Kelly, and it will not be long before you feel the weight of it.' Tennant decided to not accept the invitation and got out of the cart before there was any more trouble. Kelly then ordered us to open the gate leading up to the station. Tennant refused again. Kelly's response was to put his revolver between Tennant's teeth, and swore that if he did not at once open the gate he would blow his brains out. We then moved up to the homestead and were up with the other captives.

See also (SMH12/12/78) (FH), (JJK)had more information

See Robert M'Dougall's version of events ( Argus12/12/78)

Later Ned Kelly took my spring cart off to Euroa when the KellyGang went to rob the bank.

Ned Kellys trial Henry Dudley and Robert McDougall gave evidence at Ned Kelly'scommittal (Herald10/8/1880)(Argus11/8/80 (Age11/8/1880) (Argus12/8/80) (Herald12/8/1880) and trial. (Age29/10/80) (JJK)

Dudley told the court at the trial that Ned Kelly had said to him, 'In the yard he got hold of me by the collar of my coat and said, 'If you don't hold your tongue I'll blow your bloody brains out. Is it not bad enough to be a proscribed outlaw without having to take cheek from an old man like you'. See also his evidence at Ned Kelly's committal hearing (Age 11/8/1880)

McDougall said, 'Taking out a doulbed-cased gold watch, he said it belonged to poor Kennedy. 'Which would be best-for me to shoot him-or for the police to shoot me, and take my mangled corpse into Mansfield'. See also his evidence at Ned Kelly's committal hearing (Age 11/8/1880)

Henry Duderly and Robert McDougall gave similar evidence at Ned Kelly's trial. (Argus29/10/80)

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