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This page contains content from people who supported the KellyGang.
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Jim Kelly was a younger brother to Ned Kelly


father Red Kelly mother Ellen Quinn brothers and sisters Mary Jane, Anne 11/53, Edward (Ned) 12/54, Margaret (Maggie) 57, James 59, Daniel (Dan) 61, Catherine (Kate) 63, Grace 8/65, half sisters Ellen 70? and Alice

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Early years I was the second son and born on 31/7/1859 at Beveridge...

In 1871 I was charged with illegally using a horse. (RCApp10)[[[The Complete Inner History of the KellyGang and their Pursuers (7)|JJK]])

I was arrested with my brother Dan by Const Fllood. We got off on account of our youth and own intimacy with the owner of the horses (a Wangaratta based Hawker, Max Kraft)-one of us was 'a servant' of the person who owned the horses. (RC12585)

I was done with Thomas Williams and for cattle stealing. (Ensign4/3/1873)

We got mercy on the first charge and 5 years on the second. I was only 14. Patrick Murphy pleaded guilty. (Ensign22/4/1873)

Const Flood got up a case against William Williamson and me for cattle stealing. On 17 April 1873 we were convicted and got four years each. (RC12589)

Early in 1877 I returned home after spending my time in goal.. While in goal I learnt shoemaking and soon after I returned home I left for New South Wales.. I worked in Wagga and Hay for periods.

Within about 3 months of gaining my freedom the police got their hands on me again and in June 1877 I got 3 years for horsestealing. I was in Wagga gaol when Ned and Dan were riding as the KellyGang.

I had a troopers uniform from Jerilderie. I burnt it (BWC)

Photograph Later in 1880 I had been speaking to Const Armstrong for an hour and a half at Glenrowan before Ned's execution. I told him that I would not enter the bush.

I was released from Gaol in NewSouth Wales in late 1880 (RC2968)

I have got a good trade.

I can earn £3 a week by making boots, and I am too fond of going to theatres, and taking girls in the gardens at night.

But should I ever be interfered with by the police I will not do as Ned has done; I will shoot every man, and have satisfaction. (RC12181)

Who made the armour, my answer (BWC)

My answer as to why Joe Byrne shot Aaron Sherritt (BWC)

I was involved in a number of meetings in Melbourne to save Ned from execution. (Argus9/11/80)

I visited my brother Ned Kelly the day before they killed him (Age11/11/80)

My Kate I were at the Apollo Hall (Argus12/11/80)

The police intervened (13/11/80)

We moved the show to Sydney. They acted the same way. (SMH26/11/80)

Later in Life I was charged with horse stealing with Wild Wright. (Argus13/9/81)

I wrote to the paper (Argus24/11/1905)

I had a talk to the jounalist BW Cookson in 1910 and published a description of his meeting with my mother and I. I was doing a bit of droving at the time. (BWC) (BWC) (BWC) (JJK)

I died on 18/10/1946 at Greta.

A testimonial to Jim Kelly ." My father met Jim on various occassions during the 1939's whilst living in Benalla. Dad  always reiterated that Jim came across as a perfect well mannered gentlemen in those years. Dad (91) only retold me of his meeting Jim as recent as last week. Dad holds this as one of the most interesting characters in his life."