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Importance of William Lawrence Zincke

William was a member of Parliament and as a lawyer represented the Kellys in court

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brothers clergy in England sisters ?... wife Mary Laurence (married 1868 Beechworth) children... 6

Links to the KellyGang

Early years I was born in the West Indies and educated as a lawyer in the United Kigdom Photograph Arrival in Beechworth I arrived in New South Wales and worked on properties in the New England area. After I spent some time working on the Ovens gold fields.

In 1855 I became the clerk of the Court in Beechworth and in 1863 I established my legal practice in Beechworth in 1863 as Zincke and Martin

I played the cello in the local Beechworth string ensemble.

I defended Harry Power at his trial in 1863.

In 1870 I represented John Sherritt in a case against one of his neighbours

I was present at the opening of the railway in Beechworth (Argus30/9/76)

First run in with the KellyGang In September 1873 Joe Byrne was charged of stealing Anton Wicks' horse in the Beechworth court. Mrs Byrne engaged me to handle the matter. Joe Byrne was very lucky to get with a fine rather than the standard 3 months gaol that he could have expected.

In 1875 I defended Aaron Sherritt on a charge of illegal use of a horse.

I represented Kennedy, Studders, and Cook on a charge of receiving horses that had been stolen from Mr Whitty, in the neighbourhood of Greta (Argus10/8/80)

In 1877 Joe Byrne and Aaron Sherritt were charged with assaulting a chinaman. I defended Joe/

Fitzpatrick Incident 15/04/1878 and Mrs Kellys trial I represented as their solicitor Mrs Kelly, William Skillion and William Williamson when they were charged over the attempted murder of Const Fitzpatrick . See (Argus22/5/78)

Another lawyer acted as their barrister in court. Mass arrest of the sympathizers I represented most of the sympathizers as they remanded from week to week in the Beechworth Gaol.

I had some run ins in dealing with these cases (Argus20/1/79) (Argus27/1/79) (Argus3/2/79) (Argus10/2/79) (OMA11/2/1879) (Argus17/2/79) (Argus19/2/79) (OMA20/2/79) (Argus5/3/79) (Argus12/3/79)

In march 79 I had a bad fall and broke 3 ribs. I was looking at my rabbits and pidgeons in my loft

I appeared for Aaron Sherritt in a case brought by Mrs Byrne. (OMA24/7/79)

After the Glenrowan Siege During the Glenrowan seige I was deeply involved in the elected to the Legislative Assembly. I was elected for the Ovens District.

Later in 1880 When John Sherritt Jnr was trying to join the police I gave him a good reference (RC16609)

See the advertisement for my electoral campaign and my legal practice (OMA29/6/1880)

Ned Kelly's trial I was due to appear for Ned Kelly at his committal hearing in Beechworth. I sent my clerk along to see him when he arrived at the Beechworth Gaol. But I was then replaced by Mr David Gaunson. Maggie Skillion did not like me. (Age 4/8/1880) (Argus6/8/80) (Herald8/8/80) (Kilmore12/8/1880) Later I appeared for James Kelly and Wild Wright. (Argus13/9/81)

In 1883 I went back to being a lawyer in Beechworth after my time as a member of Parliament

. What happened to Mr Zincke's family