Glenrowan Siege

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Events Please note many of the times on this table are best estimates and still being reviewed

Date Person Place Event





Aaron Sherrit's last day


      Outlawry Act expired
      Parliament dissolved
am AaronSherritt Chiltern Aaron Sherritt went to the Chiltern looking for Mrs Barry's cattle
      Const Faulkiner talked to Chinaman about links to KellyGang.
  Bracken Greta Const Braken+ search party withdrawn from Maggie's home near Greta
pm AaronSherritt DevilsElbow Aaron Sherritt told Const Armstrong Danny Byrne had seen the Const in house
6 pm      
6.30 pm Aaron Sherritt Devils Elbow Aaron Sherritt shot by Joe Byrne at his home. Joe Byrne got Anton Wicks to get Aaron to come out side.
      Aaron was shot in the left breast, 2nd shot brought him down, both were close together
      Belle Sherritt, Mrs Barry, Consts Armstrong, Alexander,

Duross and Dowling were inside.

7 pm Devils Elbow Joe Byrne tried to get Mrs Sherritt to get the police to come outside and after some time the police were concerned to keep her and her mother inside the house so they got them to stay under the bed. Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly or their friends tried to burn the house down. Joe and Dan left . Likely that Paddy Byrne or others stayed to keep police inside
8 pm Weekes Sebastopol Weekes arrived home?
9 pm      
9.30 pm   Glenrowan Last train from Benalla to Wangaratta left Glenrowan
10 Ned Kelly Glenrowan Ned Kelly, Steve Hart and friends arrived at Glenrowan from Greta and set up their base at McDonnell's. Jack Lloyd drove the buggy with the armour. It is likely that Tom Lloyd, John and Daniel Delaney, the McAuliffes, John and William Tanner, Ryans (Joe, and Jack) and Wild Wright,
11 pm     The first task was to break the railway line just north of Glenrowan. Ned and Dan Kelly went up the line and tried to break the line using the tools they had brought with them. Could not break the line. They went back to Glenrowan to get extra tools from the fettlers who were in the tents just behind the railway platform, between there and Jone's Glenrowan Inn. Mrs Jones and her

daughter had been awoken and taken along. The fetlers did not have any tools.

12 AaronSherritt Devils Elbow Aaron Sherritt's body dragged inside



KellyGang gets Glenrowan organised

1 am   Glenrowan  
2 am Reardon Glenrowan  
      Ned Kelly came for the Reardon family to get the tools to break the line

Steve Hart took fettlers and Jane Jones down to break track; took 2 hours.

2.20 am Reardon   Reardons left home with Ned Kelly
3 am Stanistreet   Stanistreet was awoken by Ned Kelly who was still looking for tools to break the railway track on the Wangaratta side of Glenrowan
  Joe Byrne   After Joe Byrne and Dan Kelly arrived from murder of Aaron Sherritt, Ned Kelly went down to hurry up the work on the railway line
4 am      
5 am      
6 am     Steve Hart looked after people at Stanistreet's. Ned and rest of KellyGang went up to Mrs Jones' for breakfast
7 am Armstrong Devils Elbow Armstrong tried to a Chinaman to take a message to Beechworth, refused
9 am Faulkiner   Const Faulkiner saw Pong Luke and Chat Ving
Hare Benalla Hare did a telegraph check of all police stations, no problems
11 am Curnow Glenrowan Curnow & family left home for a drive, captured by KellyGang.
12   Glenrowan Circus passed through Glenrowan
1 pm Sherritt Beechworth First message of Aaron Sherritt's death sent from the Beechworth Gaol
    Glenrowan Ned Kelly playing hopstep & jump in yard, people playing games
Foster Beechworth Mr Foster and Cheshire get news of death of Sherritt
2 pm      
2.30 pm Hare Benalla Hare informed Standish of Sherritt's murder
3 pm   Benalla Train was got ready to go to Beechworth with Hare, Const Kelly, Barry, Canny, Gascoigne, Kirkham, Arthur, and Phillips
  Sadleir   Sup Sadeir was with Sup Hare in Benalla
  Sherritt Beechworth Sgt Mullane + 5 police leave Beechworth for Sherritt's home
4.30 pm Standish Melbourne Standish got the news, tried to O'Connor to return to Beechworth
    Glenrowan Reardon family moved into Glenrowan Inn by KellyGang
    KellyGang released some 21 prisoners on Sunday
5 pm Ramsay Melbourne Ramsay approved special train to take O'Connor & trackers up
6 pm      
7 pm O'Connor Flemington At Flemington O'Connor got telegram from Standish asked trackers back
8 am      
9.57 pm   Melbourne Police special train left Melbourne
10 pm Hare Benalla Hare had 2 hours sleep after sending telegrams
10.15pm O'Connor Essendon O'Connor and trackers caught train to go to Beechworth
10.30pm Curnow Glenrowan Curnow + family left Inn with Ned Kelly to return home
11.30pm Bracken   Const Bracken captured, taken to the Inn
28/6/80 Monday   '



1 am      
1.30 am   Benalla Special train arrived in Benalla (2.30am)
  Ned Kelly Glenrowan Ned Kelly allows women and children to leave Inn
      Mrs Jones asks Ned Kelly to give a lecture
2.05 am Hare Benalla Train left Benalla for Beechworth via Glenrowan
2.20 am      
2.35 am KellyGang Glenrowan KellyGang hear train arriving and start to put armour on
2.40/50am Curnow   Curnow used red scarf and candle to flag the train down, told Hare KellyGang at the Jones Inn (Age29/6/1880)
  Hare   Train arrived at the platform with Hare, O'Connor, SConst Kelly, Consts Arthur, Barry, Canny, Gascoigne, Kirkham, and Phillips, Trackes Barney, Jackey, Jimmy, Johnny, and Hero, Train crew Archie McFie, Morgan , Press Allen, Carrington, McWhirter, and Melvin , Mrs O'Connor, Miss Webb and Charles Rawlins.
  Hare Stainistreet's Hare & Rawlins went to station master's house to find out what was going on

Hare and saw Mrs Stainstreet. Police unload horses

2.50 am Bracken Platform Hare came back to platform, saw Bracken, ' KellyGang at Jones' Inn'
3 am NedKelly


Inn The KellyGang were on the verandah of the Inn. Hare and police started off on foot for the Inn. Hare was also shot in the opening volley. Ned Kelly was shot in the left arm and right foot. The people in the Inn went for the floor. Mrs Jones' son, Jack, was shot near the hip. Another bullet grazed her forehead. (Kilmore1/7/80)
3.10 am Hare Platform Hare sitting on a log after being shot
  JackLloyd McDonnell's Jack Lloyd fired 2 signal rockets
  NedKelly down the line Ned Kelly got to his horse and rode down to where the rail line was broken
  ConstKelly Inn Const Kelly steadied the police to maintain a cordon around the Inn
  O'Connor drain O'Connor and his native trackers made it into a drain in front of the Inn
  women   Women & children tried to leave the Inn, driven back by police fire
  McHugh Inn  
3.20 am police Inn Police keep on firing at the Inn with 3 other KellyGang members & people
  Hare platform Hare made his way back to Platform to have wound bound
Const Kelly Inn Police running short of ammunition, seeing his men around Inn,
3.30 am      
3.40 am KellyGang Inn Joe Byrne and others in Inn kept up occasional shot
  police   Police kept firing
3.50 am Hare   Hare left Glenrowan on a train for Benalla
4 am Sadlier Benalla Sadlier sending telegrams
4.10 am Bracken Wangaratta Const Braken arrived at Wangaratta to see Sgt Steele
4.20 am Const Kelly   Const Kelly finds Ned Kelly's rifle. Fear KellyGang had escaped
4.30 am Hare Benalla Hare arrived at Benalla (Sadlier said he returned at 4 about am)
4.40 am     Hare dictating telegrams
4.50 am Steele Wangaratta Sgt Steele left Wangaratta to ride horse to Glenrowan
  Jack Jones Glenrowan Jack Jones was shot while sheltering on the floor in the Inn
5 am     Neil McHugh brought injured Jack Jones out of the Inn
5.10 am     Sgt Steele arrived (RC9001)
5.20 am Sadlier Benalla Sadlier and police leave Benalla for Glenrowan
  Laing   The train from Wangaratta started for Glenrowan
5.30 am Joe Byrne Inn Joe Byrne shoot in groin in Inn
5.40 am Standish Melbourne Standish gets news of Glenrowan
      Train from Wangaratta arrived at place where track broken?
5.50 am    
6 am      
6.10 am Sgt Steele Glenrowan Steele arrived at Glenrowan?
6.20 am     Wangaratta police arrived at Glenrowan
6.30 am Sadlier   Sadlier & party from Benalla arrived at Glenrowan
6.40 am      
6.50 am   Inn Reardon's son shot by police while trying to leave Inn
7 am NedKelly   Ned Kelly seen while he was trying to return to Inn to join KellyGang
7.10 am NedKelly   Ned Kelly captured by Steele, Reardon +
7.20 am      
7.30 am NedKelly platform Ned Kelly taken to platform by police
7.45 am      
8 am   Inn Handkerchief as flag of safe passage seen from civilians in Inn
8.15 am      
8.30 am      
8.45 am      
9 am Standish   Standish left Melbourne for Glenrowan, by train
9.15 am      
9.30 am Sadleir   Sadleir ordered a cannon to shoot at Inn
9.45 am      
10 am   Inn Police agree to let civilians out of the Inn. The McAuliffes were arrested as sympathizers
  Joe Byrne   Police hear of Joe Byrne's death; only Dan Kelly and Steve Hart left on Inn
10.15 am Standish Melbourne Standish leaves Melbourne on a special train
10.30 am      
10.45 am      
11 am Jack Jones Wangaratta Jack Jones arrived at Wangaratta Hospital
11.30 am      
12 noon     Beechworth police arrive at Glenrowan

Const Johntson arrived at Glenrowan

12.30 pm     Rev Gibney arrived at Glenrowan
1 pm      
1.30 pm      
2 pm      
2.30 pm Standish Benalla Standish's train arrives at Benalla, sees Hare
3 pm Sadleir Inn Sadleir agrees to plan to set fire to Inn
3.30 pm Johnston Inn Inn set on fire by SConst Johnston (2.45)
  Gibney   Father Gibney saw KellyGang all dead inside burning Inn
  Joe Byrne   Joe Byrne's body removed before it was burnt
3.45 pm      
4 pm     roof fell in 1/2 hour after fire started (Argus5/7/80)
4.15 pm Standish Benalla Standish's train leaves Benalla for Glenrowan
4.30 pm Dan Kelly Inn Bodies of Dan and Steve removed from the burnt Inn
  Steve Hart    
4.45 pm Sadlier Glenrowan Sadlier agrees to hand Dan & Steve's bodies over to the families
  Standish   Standish arrived at Glenrowan
5 pm A Sherritt Beechworth Aaron Sherritt was buried at Beechworth
5.30 pm      
6 pm   Kelly Home Bodies of Dan and Steve at Kelly home
7 pm     The wake starts after the funeral
night Jack Jones Wangaratta Jack Jones died in Wangaratta Hospital from wounds at start of siege

(Age) (Argus) (Herald) (MDTel) (OMA)

29/6/80 Tuesday

  (Age) (Argus) (Herald) (MDTel) (OMA)
    Benalla All police at Glenrowan paraded before Standish, (trackers not included)
am Joe Byrne Benalla Joe Byrne photographed against cell door
pm Ned Kelly Melbourne Ned Kelly taken down to Melbourne train.
  Joe Byrne Benalla Inquest into Joe Byrne's death
  O'Connor   O'Connor and trackers returned to Melbourne
4 pm Joe Byrne Benalla Joe Byrne buried at Benalla cemetery by the police.
30/6/80   (Age) (Argus) (Herald) (MDTel) (OMA) (SMH)
  Nicolson   Call for a Royal Commission by Ass Com Nicolson
  Sherritt Beechworth Inquest into Aaron Sherritt's death continued
  Curnow Benalla Standish interviewed Curnow.

1833 - 1853