Euroa Robbery

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Date Person Place Event
2/12/78mo     (Argus)
5/12/78th Wright Mansfield day in court for using abusive language
6/12/78fr     KellyGang cited at Gaffney's Creek (Argus)
7/12/78sa   Avenel Additional police sent to protect bank at Avenel (Argus)
8/12/78su Joe Byrne Euroa Joe Byrne met Ben Gould in Euroa
9/12/78mo Pat Quinn   Pat Quinn warned Nicolson that KellyGang up near Wodonga
afternoon KellyGang Faithfull's The KellyGang came to Faithfull's Station and met Mr and Mrs Fitzgerald

Ned Kelly met Mr Macauley

James Gloster, the hawker arrived at Faithfull's Station

Euroa Robbery
10/12/78tu   Faithfull's  
morning     Joe Byrne took 4 platelayers up to the homestead
1 pm     Casement, Dudley, Tennant and McDougall captured by the KellyGang
2 pm KellyGang   telegraph lineman came to Faithfull's Ck to investigate break in line
afternoon   Euroa Ned Kelly, Dan Kelly and Steve Hart left Faithfull's Creek for Euroa
  KellyGang bank KellyGang stuck up the National Bank and took the Scotts away
4 pm   Violet Town Mr Wyatt caught train from Violet Town to Euroa.
4.4 pm Wyatt Faithful's Watt got off the train at Faithful's Creek Station, damaged telegraph wires
4.30 pm Watt Euroa Licencing court hearing starts Wyatt   Mr Wyatt gets a buggy from Mr Hart at DeBoos's hotel
5.20 pm Wyatt Euroa  
6.30 pm Wyatt Benalla Mr Wyatt back at Euroa railway station
8 pm Wyatt Benalla Mr Wyatt arrived at the Benalla police station
    Faithfull's KellyGang left Faithfull's Creek
8.30 pm Nicolson   Nicolson and Sadlier left Benalla for Albury to follow after the KellyGang
9 pm Ward Benalla Det Ward arrived at Benalla
9.30 pm Anderson Euroa Const Anderson left Euroa on train for Benalla
10 pm      
11 pm     Anderson arrived at Benalla
11.30 pm Standish Melbourne Com Standish got news of the Euroa robbery
11.45 pm Whelan Benalla Sgt Whelan telegraphed Nicolson
12 pm Nicolson Wodonga Nicolson and Sadlier arrived in Wodonga and hear about the Euroa robbery
11/12/78we     (Age)(Argus)
2.30 am Nicolson Wodonga Special train with Nicolson and Sadleir left Wodonga
3 am   Euroa Police from Benalla arrived at Euroa
5 am Sadleir Wangaratta Sadleir at Wangaratta
  Sadleir   Sadleir started search party through to Lake Rowan
6 am Nicolson Benalla Nicolson arrived at Benalla
8.30 am Nicolson   Nicolson at Faithfull's Creek
10.10 am   Euroa First normal train due to arrive at Euroa
7.30 pm     police left Euroa in hunt after the KellyGang
12/12/ th     (Age)(Argus)(SMH)
6.10 am Standish   Standish left Melbourne
10 am   Euroa Standish arrived by train arrived at Euroa
      police search party sent into the Strathbogie Ranges
pm Hare   Hare arrived by train at Euroa to relieve Nicolson
  Nicolson   Nicolson left Kelly Country for Melbourne
13/12/78 f Standish   Standish and Hare took over command of the police hunting for the KellyGang (Argus)
  Vic govt   Victorian Government lifted the reward for the arrest of the KellyGang to £2500
14/12/78 s


Ben Gould Nicolson






Ben Gould was arrested as asympathizer (Argus)

AssCom Nicolson had a discussion with the Chief Secretary

Cameron letter posted from Glenrowan

Col Anderson spoke to Standish about use of army to protect banks

15/12/78 s   Artillery sent to protect the towns with banks
16/12/78 m     (Argus)
17/12/78 t     (Argus)
18/12/78 w     (Argus)(OMA)
19/12/78 t     (Argus)
20/12/78 f     (Argus)
21/12/78s     (Argus)
22/12/78 s      
23/12/78 m     (Argus)
24/12/78 t     (Argus)
25/12/78 w      
26/12/78 t      
27/12/78 f     (Argus)
28/12/78 s      
29/12/78 s      
30/12/78 m     (Argus)
31/12/78 t     (Argus)
  ThomLloydJ Beechworth Charge of Manslaughter is dismissed
1/1/79 w      
2/1/79 t Standish   Standish orders mass arrest of sympathizers
3/1/79 f Jimmy Quinn








arrested as a sympathizer and taken to Beechworth with about 20 others




4/1/79 s     (Argus)(OMA)
5/1/79 su      
6/1/79 m KellyGang Greta KellyGang at Greta (Argus)
  Quinn John   Wangaratta John Quinn, Richard Strickland, William Strickland (William Woods) remanded
7/1/79 t KellyGang Greta KellyGang at Greta (Argus)(OMA)
8/1/79 w     (Argus)
9/1/79 t     (Argus)(OMA)
10/1/79 f     (Argus)
11/1/79 sa   Beechworth Sympathisers remand hearing(Argus)(OMA)
12/1/79 su      
13/1/79 m     (Argus)
14/1/79 t     (Argus)
15/1/79 w     (Argus)(OMA)
16/1/79 t     (Argus)(OMA)
17/1/79 f     (Argus)
18/1/79 sa   Beechworth Sympathisers remand hearing (Argus)(OMA)
19/1/79 su      
20/1/79 m     (Argus)
21/1/79 t     (Argus)(OMA)
22/1/79 w   Euroa KellyGang seen 12 miles from Euroa (Argus)

Hare and Sadleir went to Euroa. (Argus)

23/1/79 t     bank holiday Wangaratta, Oxley, Milawa (Argus)(OMA)
24/1/79 f     (OMA)
25/1/79 sa   Beechworth Sympathisers remand hearing(Argus)
26/1/79 su      
27/1/79 m     (Argus)
28/1/79 t     police intelligence KellyGang in Wombat Ranges (Argus)
29/1/79 w      
30/1/79 t     (Argus)(OMA)
31/1/79 f     (Argus)
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